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Keep a daily log of what you've been working on.

BonJournal is a time management technique and app that helps you keep a running log of what you've worked on, while staying focused on your current task. Pairs well with the Pomodoro technique.

Time is Money. Focus is Precious.

There's only so much time in the workday. With every distraction, there comes a penalty. With every fire being fought, you lose the ability to reflect on your accomplishments.

If you're having trouble focusing, the BonJournal Technique can help you rein in your efforts. By dividing your day into Journal Units and taking note of what you've done in each chunk, you effortlessly build a daily log of what you've accomplished.

Journal Units

Divvy up the workday into a manageable schedule.


The well-known Pomodoro technique is useful for tackling a fixed list of tasks.

There's An App For That

The app resides in your system tray and pops up at the end of each Journal Unit, prompting you to:

Currently it's only available in my brain, so you might say it's a pretty exclusive app.

Guaranteed* to Revolutionize Your Work Life


"I started using the BonJournal Technique one month ago, and I have already launched three successful product landing sites."

— Jackson, the Sculpin Mascot

"With BonJournal, I have a record of what I've done each day, which I can reference every quarter when review season rolls around. This helps to remind me of how awesome I've been."

— Kevin B., Sculpin Developer

"BonJournal saved my life."

— Someone, possibly.

*: Guarantee is for landing page skeleton purposes only and is entirely fictitious.